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Bernard Zaborniak

Gemüse VR

VR Experience For The International Green Week Berlin 2020​​

My Role:

Level Interaction Design | 3D Lighting Artist


Unity | C# | Blender | Photoshop | Mattermost | Gitlab


11/2019 – 01/2020


Presented at the Green Week 2020

Gemüse VR was an experience specifically designed for the International Green Week 2020 in Berlin. Visitors of the fair experienced visualisations of possible future food production scenarios in Virtual Reality.

The project was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the goal was to visualise the current results of different scientific projects in the agricultural sector. The projects can be found HERE

I was responsible for the user journey, user interaction and visuals of the project. Most of the time there were two programmers, one project supervisor and me working on it. We used a lot of assets from the Unity asset store because of the limited time (about 2 months).


What I learned