Bernard's Portfolio

Bernard Zaborniak

King Art Games

Internship and Working Student

My Role:

04/2021 – 09/2021 Programming Intern 10/2021  –  12/2021  Working Student


Unity | C# | Git


04/2021 – 12/2021

Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle DLC

My first experience at the company was doing QA for the DLC “Operation Eagle”. Later on Bugfixing and the Implementation of small features to improve the performance was added to my responsibilities.

Unnanounced project

On my second month at the company, a new team was formed to create a prototype for a new project – a Co-Op 3rd-Person Game. At the height of the prototyping phase the team consisted of 3 programmers, 2 animators, 1 technical artist, 1 level designer and 1 game designer. 

I was responsible for the implementation of the movement and camera system for different types of characters. This system was later used by other teams to explore and prototype topics like Weapon Systems and AI. In my time as a working student I was working on porting the prototype features to a new codebase to allow networking.


What I learned